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Comillas firmly believes that no promising student should be denied access to any of our courses for financial reasons. This system is mainly funded by the University itself, with contributions from the Comillas-ICAI University Foundation, the Grants Fund for Ecclesiastical Studies, as well as from alumni, friends of the University, businesses and organizations. We are able to support several hundred students through this system; but it is not enough. To fulfill our commitment to providing access to even our most expensive programs for promising students who lack the necessary financial means to meet the costs of higher education, we need and are prepared to do so much more. We have added several special grants to our range of financial aid that cover a broader spectrum of needs and are designed for academically outstanding students with limited financial means. In fair return for this financial support, the University asks for a solid academic commitment from recipients of these grants.

With this aim in mind, Comillas Pontifical University ANNOUNCES:

12 Extraordinary Grants for incoming students on ICADE, ICAI and RRITI Bachelor's Degree programs that cover over 60% of the cost of the program, subject to evidence of both the student’s academic excellence and financial situation.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Academic Record.
  • Admissions test result.
  • Family financial situation.

The Study Grant Commission will process the applications and present them to the Rector who, where appropriate, will allocate the grants. The Rector's decision will be final.

Grants can be renewed each academic year under the same terms, provided that the student's academic performance places them in the upper half of the cohort of students in the same year on the same course, and that their family's financial situation prevents the amount of aid from being reduced.

If the student does not meet the requirements for renewal, but they do meet those established in the call for applications for study grants and financial aid from the University, their application will be assessed in line with this call.




The application form, required documentation, submission date and grant simulator correspond to the call for applications for study grants and financial aid.

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