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The aim of these grants is to introduce Bachelor's Degree students to research and to raise awareness about the importance of research throughout society. To do this, students will join research groups at the University, assisting in various research projects.


Students enrolled on the last two years of Bachelor's Degree programs can apply for these grants. In addition, they must also meet the specific requirements established in each call for applications.


  • These collaboration grants are mainly designed to support research-assisting activities; however, the activities must always further the student's training in this field.
  • These activities must be undertaken within research groups that are fully recognized by the University, in Chairs or Institutes.
  • Activities that support teaching or management tasks with no connection to research are not covered under the framework of these grants.


Annual call for applications in which the number of collaboration grants for the corresponding academic year is announced.

15-16 Call

Annex I

Application form



An open call for applications is announced each year for research collaboration grants linked to research projects with external funding or to the University's own projects. Lead researchers on projects with external funding or on the University's own projects must submit an application to the corresponding Vice-Rector in charge of research.

14-15 Open call for collaboration grants